What's The Most Important Consideration When Hiring A Website Designer?

What's The Most Important Consideration When Hiring A Website Designer?

Okay, so you're looking for a great website designer to make your company website.

What's the first thing you look for?

  • Do you look through their portfolio?
  • Compare their prices to other web design companies?
  • See who designs the coolest looking websites?
  • Go for the cheapest option?
  • Look at their past experience?

Here's the deal, none of these things are going to help you get a website that is going to generate profits for your business.

The number one consideration of many business owners when it comes to hiring a website designer is price. They shop around to find the best price, while the second most important consideration is the look of the websites in the website designers portfolio. These criteria can lead to an investment that does not make you any money. Let me explain why.

The number one consideration should be the value that you'll receive from the website. In other words, the website designer should be able to demonstrate how much profit your website will generate.

Here's an example:

One of my friends owns a tiling business. I was asking him why he did not have a website yet, he said, "Who's going to look for tilers on the internet?" So I went and did some research and found that there 560 searches a month on Google for tilers in that area.

I asked him, "If we could get just 10 of those 560 people to become customers for you each month, how much would it be worth to you?"

  • Now his average client is worth about $ 1300
  • 10 new clients a month is $ 13000.
  • Over the course of a year that website pulling just 10 clients a month (which is a conservative figure) ads up to $ 157,000 per year, minus the initial investment for the website, plus maintenance and stuff. Roughly $ 150,000 extra per year being conservative.

As you can see, the number one consideration when you're looking for the right website designer for your business should be value. The return on investment that you receive. What you need is an online marketing system that will increase your cash flow, profits and leads on auto-pilot. As an internet marketing consultant, this is one of the first things that i establish before taking on a new client, even before i offer a price. Because if a web designer does not know how much value they can offer you, how can they justify any kind of price?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Should i go for the cheap option that costs a couple of hundred bucks, which i do not know of it's going to make me money?
  • Or should i go for the better option of investing in a solid online marketing system that i know is going to generate profits?

(Pssst, In your own best interest, do not go for the cheapest option, because it may just sit there in cyber space gathering dust.)

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