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Allowed your children to browse the internet without supervision probably makes you nervous. You might compare this to leaving your child alone in a bad neighborhood; you know there are BAD GUYS out there who you do not want your children to contact. The only way you know how to protect your children is to stay by their side and hold their hand. If you want a better way to keep your children occupied without worrying about supervision, read this list of cool kids websites and safety tools to ensure they have a great experience online.

Club Penguin

This one is my favorite. Not only can kids play fun games and explore the virtual world of penguins, they can socialize and interact with their peers. Club Penguin is the new social network for kids that offers a plethora of activities in a small box. Plus, you can join in on the fun too and play in the virtual world with your kids. It's an amazing new technology and best of all, it's a great new way to keep your children entertained for free!

Yahoo! Kids

This website offers it all. Games, music, horoscopes, jokes, study resources, and even a guy named Earl you can ask questions. Its look appeals to kids and offers plenty of great content for growing minds. This is where you want your kid to keep up with current events. Yahoo! Kids is making start-pages a cool place for kids to begin their day.


This is what the craze is all about. You buy one of the plush pets in a toy store, go HOME and enter in the Webkinz secret code. Then your kid is ready to start raising a virtual pet! If only stuffed animals were that cool when I was younger. This new product gives your child some responsibility and chores, but they love Webkinz. After you buy one, two, or more of these pets you will be saying "take out the trash then feed your webkinz!"

National Geographic for Kids

I still love watching the shows on National Geographic TV. This website has everything from games to an encyclopedia to videos and stories about our world. There are fun facts and activities for your kids to explore while learning a lot of information. NG has really nailed the process of making education fun and exciting! So much, you may want to stroll over there yourself!

OK. After you discover these great kids websites, you may still have one problem. How are you going to keep your kids on good quality sites and away from all the bad stuff? There are overwhelming numbers of options to answer this question. You will pay for most of them, but with anything, I believe the best options are always free (or close to free). To ensure the safety of your child's browsing, consider using a tool like Buddy Browser. It's a browser you download onto your computer that has everything you need already built in. The cool-looking browser for your kid, the parental controls and safety features for browsing, and the small price tag of twenty dollars. Not bad for a piece of software nowdays.

So, I hope this article provides some good places for your children to start exploring the internet!

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