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Sticky Elements

As it shows, this year will test the waters with respect to how much the user experience will be affected by unforeseen movement, outrageous amount of color, and typography that makes them exert more effort than usual. For this reason, it would be nice to know that there are web design trends in 2018 that will not be too disruptive.

As an example, take a look at the sticky elements. Concepts like hello bars and sticky navigation have been used in the past. In this regard, designers realize the advantages of making some elements “stick” to the side of a web page so as to lessen friction when sharing messages unnoticeably with visitors.

Hand-Drawn Elements

Stock images were the “in” thing during the early days of web design. It was easy to find them, as users do not need to do much except to search, buy and download. There was also custom photography. This gave designers an opportunity to add a personal touch to their web design.

It is pretty obvious that none of these design options will be given up since custom and stock photography are still being used. However, designers who want to add a creative spin on a website and make it their own can use the hand-drawn trend. This does not necessarily mean that they have to create a new website entirely from scratch, but instead incorporate hand-drawn elements such as – text, images – as well as highlighting within it.

Fluid Shapes

In case designers are interested in finding out where the fluid shape design originated from, they just have to think about the geometrical designs that were dominant in websites during the past few years. In essence, this trend shows that geometry rules, but should not always be too excessive. Also, if desired, it is okay to give depth and movement to shapes.

Moving on to 2018, designers may want to soften the sharp edges on a website. They also await the return of 3D Material Design layering.

Mobile Prioritization

Lastly, they should prioritize the mobile experience. With the mastering of techniques – like responsive web design and mobile-friendly websites – it is reasonable for Google to be ready to make everything more interesting with mobile-first indexing.

As a result, sites will not be primarily ranked using the desktop anymore. Soon, Google will make use of the website’s mobile version to determine rank. As the mobile experience is being prioritized in the web design process, other mobile-first initiatives, tools and techniques are little by little becoming accessible to many. This year, in particular, will see a lot more websites depending on SVGs (rather than JPGs or PNGs), and many sites going through Google AMP.

Following Such Trends in 2018

One great thing about web design is that it continues to evolve. All 2018 web design trends will need a little reconfiguration of the way WordPress sites are designed, but there is no need to learn an entirely new technique. This just has to do with conditioning the brain to perceive design quite differently in 2018.

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