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Need web building software? Web building software is the essential tool of the web designer and without it nothing can be accomplished. If you want to design a website you will need WordPress themes, HTML, fonts, graphics, mimi sites and much, much more.

The cost for web building software can become extremely high, extremely quickly, leaving you with a huge bill at the end of the day. This hefty price tag stains even further if you were not interested in actually monetizing your website in the first place. When I started in web design I spent $ 2,743 on my first web software package. How do I remember this since it took place so many years ago? I remember because it was the most money I had ever spent at one time!

Was it worth it?

Well yes and no. It was worth it because I then had the tools I needed to design a website and start my career. But the bad news was that I did not have to spend that much money to do it.

Years later I made a new friend, Alex and we discussed this very topic I am writing about now. Alex had spent about as much money as I had on web building software and also felt ripped off by his purchase. But Alex actually decided to do something about it. Alex soon created his own website where he began to sell software packages for one rock bottom price.

Alex soon realized that he could sell the same web software for almost 90% off from what he originally paid. Alex taught me that greedy software vendors were jacking up the price of web software simply because they could. He vowed that his site would fight these greedy software vendors by undercutting their price so much that they would be forced out of business.

Did it work?

It did. Since building his website Alex has helped literally thousands of people save money with their web building software. Alex also offers an amazing free service where he will store all of your software on his website so you do not have to worry about slowing down your computer's performance, ever!

You can visit Alex at www.TotalWebKits.com . Go now and see what the fuss is all about. I promise you will be shocked when you see the savings he has in store for you.