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Who Would Best Design Web Pages?

As your website can make or break your business, it is of vital importance that you select a reliable company to design your website.

Things to consider when selecting a web designer

• Flexibility

Browse through the provider's portfolio to view the variety of designs created for different clients. This will be an indication whether the designer is set in his ways or is creative enough to accommodate your design preferences.

• Speed ​​and urgency

How quickly the company got back to you when you requested a quotation or a proposal is a fair gauge to how responsive they really are. Were you put on hold or did they take long to prepare a proposal and price quotation? These factors are very telling about their actual response times. If you forsee urgent updates in future you may fair better with a web design company that has a quick response time.

• Accuracy of proposal

A good web design company's proposal will accurately address all of your needs. It shows how much they have paid attention and value you as a client.

• Other services rendered

Web design companies often provide optional services like copywriting, advertising, and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO directs more traffic to your website and is a worthy investment to consider. Under normal circumstances it is cheaper and better to obtain all your web design services under one roof rather than liaise with multiple providers.

Why you should choose an SEO company to do web design

• Optimum navigation

As modern customers love websites that are easy to browse, an SEO provider who is business-oriented is more familiar with what customers want and is able to create for easy navigation.

• Helps increase site traffic

An SEO company will ensure your customers are able to locate you. As today's customers are heavily reliant on search engines as directories, your company's listing within the top 5 search results is a necessity.

• Business acumen

While web designers mostly have academic backgrounds in graphic arts, SEO professionals tend to have business degrees or training in addition to Information Technology. An SEO company is also more concerned with how websites can attract new customers, convert competitors' customers and customer retention.

• Social media

Another advantage of getting an SEO company to design your website is that SEO professionals are in tune with online social platforms like blogging, Facebook, and Twitter. As online trend progresses towards seeking unbiased reviews from independent social platforms that are not owned by product suppliers, it is a good idea to entrust an SEO company to monitor comments on these platforms on your behalf.

Being mindful of the above factors will greatly assist you in selecting the best web design company for your business needs.

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