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Digital web design experience is based on web design. This determines the way a site looks, functions and relates to the company’s brand narrative in its entirety. It also provides the viewer with a company’s first impression, since this is the first visual interaction of a customer with a business. A number of companies follow the DIY approach on an online site to create a website all by themselves. However, all cases show that hiring a professional web developer always produces a more favorable outcome.

A person who is not a professional web developer or has no experience in using such services in the past may not realize this at once because of the wide range of DIY options and templates accessible in the market. Some are wondering about what professional web designers and developers have to offer nowadays. In almost all cases, this is a viewpoint that lacks foresight. Professional web designers are light years away from the ready-made competition. These are the reasons why:

Websites Represent a Brand

Nowadays, 81% of users search for businesses on the web before purchasing. They may be the potential customers looking for you. However, if a business is not online, how will they find it? Customers would want to work with a business that gives its very best all the time and what is a better way to show this than to have a great online brand presence.

Design Gives You an Edge

When a website is not aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, this could endanger the image of the brand. A business is judged by its cover in these digital times. As per Adobe’s State of the Content, 50% of customers would prefer to engage with beautifully designed content rather than those that with simple design.

Mobile Friendly Carries More Weight

Web design aims to provide mobile users with better user experience. In turn, this increases credibility. Almost 8 out of 10 consumers stop engaging with content that is difficult to view on their device.

User Experience is Just as Important

Web design is not only about aesthetics. A site’s use and functionality also need to be considered. Web development joins together design and user experience in creating a favorable, accessible experience for consumers. Google reveals that 41% of people “on the go” will migrate to the site of competition when they do not have a good user experience on your website.

Business Never Sleeps

A physical store is usually open during specific hours and days, but a website allows a business to be open 24/7. It also lets consumers access products and services any time of the day, and from anywhere in the world.

Professionally Designed Websites Can Be Changed in the Future

Similar to ordering handmade shoes, a real website can be dismantled, then reassembled anytime. Web design made using the DIY approach is some piece of construction. It consists of ready made templates, so there are very limited options if ever it needs to be revised. A professionally designed website evolves and develops based on your needs. No one knows what a site needs in the future. So, it is best to be prepared with a website that can change whenever necessary.

When Everything is Taken into Account

A website indicates a brand’s online presence, and in most cases, gives a costumer’s first impression. It should reflect the image desired by a business owner.

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