Why Do Websites Flop?

Why Do Websites Flop?

Why Do Websites Flop?

Your website has been up for a while. Then why are not you pulling in loads of leads that could turn into paying clients?

Every business is different and has its special characteristics and challenges. But let's assume to start with that you have a service that people actually want, and you know who your best clients are.

Here are a few of the many common things that can go wrong no matter what business you are promoting.

1. Relying too heavily on search engines. It's fine to get to the top of Google, but that's only the beginning. How many of those who click through to your site take action? Once they get there via Google or some other search engine, then your content has to entice them to take the next step.

2. Anemic website content that does not compel your visitors to action. Does your site content convey your core marketing message that lets visitors know you have the best solution to their problems? If not, then beautiful design and excellent search engine optimization are wasted. Too often, site owners spend a lot of money getting visitors to their site and give no thought as to how to engage them so they stay long enough to find out and act up the information they find.

3. Too much focus on flash, glitz and sophisticated graphics. The best sites are those where website design and content work together to project a harmonious feeling about your business and to underscore the purpose of the website.

The key to all of these is that the website content – your message – matters more than the technology. Time and money spent refining your message will pay off because visitors will know why you are the best person to help solve their problems.

Without they gain that insight from your content, nothing happens.

Copyright 2010 Maggie Dennison

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