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The latest version of HTML is the HTML 5 which is being used extensively nowdays by skilled developers across large cities across the world. For instance, Los Angeles Web developers, use this technology combined with the power of JavaScript and CSS 3 to take web development to a new level. HTML 5 has introduced many effective features for building cross – platform mobile apps. Apps built using HTML 5 have a broader are built for multiple devices and their operating systems. Thus HTML 5 is providing innovative business solutions to marketers. HTML 5 is an emerging fast and secure web technology revolutionizing website development for major industry verticals.

Let's take a look at the advantages of HTML 5 which makes it a preferable choice for all web developers are given as under:

• Browser compatible: HTML 5 is compatible with a number of browsers such as Firefox 4, Chrome, IE, Opera and Safari. This makes the web pages developed using HTML 5, easily accessible from any these browsers that run on a number of mobile devices.

• Multimedia support: It makes easy to incorporate audio, video, graphics, animations et al in your web pages without external plugins.

• Backwards compatible: Since the HTML 5 is backwards compatible; the developers need not fret about their prior designs using HTML 4 or other earlier versions. They work perfectly with HTML 5 as well.

• Replacing Flash: Providing a lot of multimedia support and similar features, HTML 5 on the verge of replacing Flash.

• Simplifies editing Web Content: It is now quite simple to edit your web content using HTML 5.

• Helps create universal apps: HTML 5 aids in cross-platform app development that can developed once and used on a number of mobile devices.

HTML 5 will continue to drive mobile market in a highly dynamic way in the future to come. HTML 5 lets developers build sites for multiple devices with minimal development effort. Being easily accessible to web developers HTML 5 portable codes allow deployment of sites for a growing number of web browsers as well as different platforms. HTML5 presents cutting-edge features that enable developers to create sites with the functionality, speed, performance, and experience of desktop applications. But unlike desktop applications, sites built on the web platform can reach a much wider audience using a wider array of devices.

HTML5 fast-tracks the pace of innovation and enables developers to seamlessly roll out recent works to all their users, at the same time. Due to all these advanced features and functions, HTML 5 is in much demand at companies based in Los Angeles providing web design and web development services. These companies get numerous requests from their clients to develop a broad range of websites using the HTML 5 technology.

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