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Why Is My Wix Site Not Showing Up On Google?

In: Web Design

Why Is My Wix Site Not Showing Up On Google?

Wix is a very popular website creator with more than 77 million users worldwide. With the promise of being easy to use, it quickly became popular and became the preferred platform of the more laymen.

We have to admit:

The tool – which is offered free of charge – has a modern and attractive design, in addition to actually possessing an easy user experience. With it, you can create a website without having any prior technical knowledge on the subject.

However, everything is not so good!

Since October 2015, Google (yes, the world’s top search engine!) does not index websites developed in the Wix platform in its search results.

In practice, this means that when people search for the name, brand, service or products of a certain store, for example, they will not find it.

After all, why is my Wix site not showing up on Google?

Wix websites do not rank on Google for a rather complex reason. But, in a nutshell, we can say that Wix – just like so many other websites – was originally developed in Flash.

It turns out that Flash has “died” for quite some time now.

But it did not disappear “from the blue”. With the constant advancement of technology, everyone knew that one day they would have to adapt.

During this process, other services adjusted their structures to offer their users a responsive website design (the one that adopts the mobile devices) and a quality SEO.

However, Wix has decided to maintain the same framework it used for both Flash and new HTML websites. Today, unfortunately, the platform uses its beautiful templates and designs to win some users over.

The truth is: Wix has become obsolete!

In addition to not being adapted for smartphones and tablets, it does not rank in search engines like Google.

How Can Wix Website Affect The Success of My Business?

We know that having a good website today is fundamental to the success of any business. In addition to being beautiful and attractive, a website should be optimized in order to rank on the HOME page of search engines such as Google and Bing for example.

The problem with having a Wix website is that your online store will not be found. No use investing in SEO strategies, blogs, content with keywords if the website cannot and will not be indexed by Google.

If you have an E-Commerce business selling “men’s colognes from Europe”, people need to find you when netizens type “imported men’s cologne”, for example.

By the way, we have a great guide on How To Build an E-Commerce Website!

Then… “What Should I Do?”

So, even though the platform is tempting (after all, you do not even need to understand programming in order to use it), a business should ideally be built in a trustworthy platform, such as WordPress, Shopify or HTML5, with the help of digital marketing professionals. They will be able to offer you the best solutions according to your objective and budget.

In addition, when designing a website, one should invest in a number of digital marketing strategies and SEO content so that your store really is a success!

Do not fall for misleading advertisements and cheap calls; hiring a qualified SEO consultant is always the best option!