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Keeping up with your brand’s marketing is crucial for any establishment, especially when you’re paying for tools to help you reach your target. One of the most sophisticated advertising channels to come off the internet is Facebook. Now, millions of small-to-medium businesses and large corporation marketers create Facebook ad campaigns for their brands.

There are numerous studies on crafting effective advertising strategies on Facebook, blogs dedicated to navigating Facebook’s available advertising tools, and tips on getting a high return on investment with every ad. Given the available options and the massive population of users, it’s no wonder Facebook advertising reigns as one of the most successful advertising tools in the digital marketing world today.

In 2018, Facebook found itself in a tight spot once again. Following the events involving British consultancy firm Cambridge Analytica and the breech of 87 million Facebook users’ data, people are now taking a stance to maximize ways to boycott Facebook, protect users’ privacy (some trying to do so without deleting their accounts), or shut the app down altogether.

There are reasons this scandal’s rising can cause mayhem for advertisers on Facebook, especially considering that advertisers utilize users’ data to enhance audience targeting. But amid growing issues, Facebook has taken steps to increase privacy, beginning with the removal of “managed custom audiences” program.

Of course, that, and an apology from Mark Zuckerberg, isn’t enough to repair users’ relationship with the social media giant, and the risks for advertisers are higher than ever. But now more than ever, though crazy as it may seem, marketers should stay on the platform, and here’s why.

1. Facebook Is Still the Largest Social Media Platform for Advertising

There are arguments pointing to Facebook becoming a paid experience like Netflix and Amazon, but Zuckerberg is much against it. He claims that there are people in some parts of the world who are unable to pay for an experience like that, and it would defeat the purpose of Facebook “helping humanity”.

We’re already getting Facebook for free (and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to change anytime soon), and as mentioned above, the reason advertising thrives on the platform is because its reach is populous.

2. Facebook Helps Generate Traffic for Your Website

Fr. Alexander Lucie-Smith of the Catholic Herald wrote that while he agrees with the call to delete Facebook, he remains on the network because it aids advertising his articles and his parish’s website.

When it comes to generating leads, it helps to have tools everyone uses (aka social media networks) to market your website and business. You’ll get more leads with Facebook advertising, especially with the right campaign strategies.

3. Advertising on Facebook Is Measurable

As a marketer, everything you need to know about your campaign is within your reach (no pun intended). You can track everything from impressions, conversions, to number of clicks and previews.

With marketing, being able to measure and track your growth is vital in order to constantly come up with better strategies, so such feature comes in very handy when evaluating campaign progress.

4. Advertising on Facebook Gets Users Engaged

Engagements include likes, shares, and interactions. Facebook has faced controversies since its launch in 2004, and again just this 2018, but despite that, still continues to grow. And no matter what you do, the fact is that users love the platform and spend 40 minutes of their day on Facebook.

It’s undeniable then that Facebook provides you with more chances of your ads getting the attention you need from your target audience within that 40 minutes every day.

Facebook has a long way to go this year amid controversies. Still, the status of marketing on Facebook doesn’t seem affected.

Because of Facebook’s advanced tools, it’s made advertisers obtain better chances of forming conversions and served efficient results with lower costs. If you’re thinking of forming your next Facebook ad campaign, don’t hesitate to ask a Facebook ads company to help you with that.

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