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Lots of people have their own websites; some build it for personal reasons and some build it for commercial purposes. Well, the later one is most predominant on the internet today.

So how does one make money by building a web-site? Either you can have a site that promotes your offline business identity or you may have an online business as well. In either case, you will only make money when you are better found on the net.

So how do people find you on the net? Research shows that 80% of people that use the internet find sites by something we know as a Search Engine. Google, Yahoo and MSN are the leading SEs on the net today. Google being the BIG BOSS of all. About 30-40% of all the searches are done through Google and the rest 60-70% are shared by the other SEs.

You may find several different articles on the net about how to optimize your website for a better visibility on the Search Engines. I am not getting into it. I am still a novice at it. But rather, I would explain why you need to study those articles and why it is important to have a good listing in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). When I was in High School I once had to make a project on the different traditions by which people Celebrate Christmas around the globe. I went bonkers searching for the stuff on magazines and study books. It was all in vain. Then one fine day, a friend of mine asked me to Google-out my query. “Google-out”????? what is it? Then he showed by what he really meant by that. I just typed in “Christmas Traditions” and then it was merely a child’s play completing the project. And no wonder I got the highest grade, an A+.

From finding Christmas traditions to ways of making money on the internet, People are going mad at search engines looking for the piece of information they want. So if you want to be found on the net and have a heavy online presence, then SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the way to go. Internet has become THE most common platform where millions of people search for stuffs they are looking for. Would your sale increase if 1000 new people get to know about you and the product you are dealing in? If the answer is yes, then go and find a professional SEO for getting the job done or if you want to do it yourself, then read articles on SEO and visit online SEO tutorials to know that basics of it.

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