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This is a question I am often asked. After all there are any number of free WordPress themes available. Why not just use one of them?

I’ve got no problem with using a free WordPress theme and in many cases it will do the job just fine. But free WordPress themes do have a downside. Some of the most troubling issues are the links invariably found in the theme footer. Often they point to websites that are questionable or totally unrelated to your own WordPress content. Another question mark is that sometimes the theme php coding may be cumbersome or even contain hidden code that is disadvantageous to your own site.

However there are many free themes available that do a decent and sometimes even great job. But if you are wanting to turn your WordPress site into a professional presence and generate money from it then a premium WordPress theme may be the best choice.

In spite of what many will say is a five minute setup – a proper WordPress blog can take a few hours to configure properly. And if you are setting up more than one website and having to familiarize yourself with a new theme each time you will easily waste several hours on each setup – sometimes only to find out that the theme you chose doesn’t do the job. And you have to start again.

If you invest in professional premium theme than it will have the versatility to handle most anything. That means that you will only have to learn how to set up the variables on one theme and use it over and over. You’ll also get rid of the pesky links in the footer that distract visitors from your own site and you will create a more professional personality of prospective customers.

In addition to that you will have a theme that integrates with all the premium plug-ins that you will end up using as well as a theme that performs reliably and save an enormous amount of setup and maintenance time along the road.

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