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The versatility of WordPress has become a standard in content management platforms circles. The platform has been in the news since its introduction and has pioneered some of the CMS features that many take us for granted.

However, people are often relented to use a CMS for their platform of choice because of many misunderstandings about how WordPress works and what you can achieve using the platform. Here are five reasons why you should opt for WordPress as your next project platform:

User Friendly

WordPress is considered to one of the most user friendly software products in the world. It was designed to be easy to use and easy it implemented. This accessibility comes from the decision to implement it in PHP, one of the most popular scripting languages ​​in the world. The main reason of this decision is the large and active user base for PHP. Developers from all over the world participate in the development of the features of PHP and WordPress. WordPress has become incredibly powerful because of this user base. The second and sometimes the most important reason of the popularity of WordPress is the large catalog of plugins and extensions that allows every aspect of the platform to be customized.


Customization is the most prized feature in any software product. WordPress is completely customizable. This means that every aspect of a WordPress implementation could have been tweaked to suit a customer's requirement. Custom themes are one of the most common ways of implementation of this feature. A number of themes are available for free and you could have a WordPress developer design one for your specific needs.

It is more than just a blogging platform

WordPress was initially implemented as a simple blogging platform. The first version was just a blog and comment management system that allowed programmers and developers to change some aspects through changes to PHP code. Today, WordPress has become a highly efficient content management system. This system is used for everything from a simple blog to suite eCommerce solutions with multiple inventory items.

It is excellent for SEO

Search engines now run the world and control what information we see and what websites we visit. This is why search engine optimization has become such a buzzword.

WordPress has been designed from ground up to be search engine friendly. The platform allows the contents of the website to be displayed in such a way that they are accessible to both humans and search engines. A number of well designed and hugely popular plugins for WordPress are designed for SEO purposes.


WordPress has generated a very vibrant community both on and off the internet. Many developers and users say that this is the best thing about WordPress as your website's platform. The number of help forums ensures that you would be able to find out the solution for your problem.

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