Will Amazon’s Kindle eBook Reader Make the Grade?

Portable ebook readers are now officially a part of the 21 Century. I never thought I would see a quality electronic book you could actually read without killing the eyes.

What does have to show for itself?|

How about instant digital access to more ebooks than you could read in a life time, dozens of periodicals delivered instantly if not sooner, audio books for when you are driving or too tired to read, and documents you may need access to.

Ask not what you can do for your Kindle eReader. Ask what your Kindle eReader can do for you.

For starters, it all happens on the Home page where Kindle, being kind, parks all the categories you use.

This is how it all begins. The home page is accessed with the Home Button. (And you thought this was going to be hard.) It will show all the categories accessible to you on this page. The Home page acts pretty much the same as the Desktop on computers.

The Home page starts off showing your most recently accessed items, just like Windows recently accessed documents. It makes it easy to know where you left off on any reading and any new updates that have arrived.

Kindle’s electronic book lists the ebooks by title and author, the size of the book and how much has been read, if any.

Anyone with an interest in a blog will like the blogging feature. Blog subscriptions show on the home page with new updates showing last and oldest first, which is last if you start from the top.

Audio books are a favorite that are treated just like the ebooks, except they are labeled as audio books.

Subscriptions to periodicals are delivered regularly. Except these subscriptions arrive on time and the dog has not mangled the sports page.

They to are listed on the Home page as Periodicals and they also show the latest updates first.

The Kindle e book reader will help you manage Kindles space. It does throw out old stuff and it may do so before you get a chance to read it. Before trashing anything in the subscription pile, Kindle will warn you of the impending deletion 48 hours in advance. So you have plenty of warning.