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With Auto Sales Leads, Gettting the Data is Everything

With Auto Sales Leads, Gettting the Data is Everything

Once upon a time, it used to be that people lived in pretty much one place for their own lives. Transportation involved using one's feet, more than anything. Far away places really were far away, in terms of the convenience of getting to and fro.

It was not until the Post-WWII era that it became normal for every-day, average families to even have a car. A car, much like a television set, was considered strictly a luxury item, for the middle class on up. It was not uncommon for people to go their whole lives, or nearly their entire lives, without ever owning a car. Cities were smaller, and the most-often frequented places were much more readily accessible.

In modern times, cars are no longer a luxury item for most people, they are an absolute necessity. With the exception of some few public-transit friendly metro areas with central transit stations, it is pretty much impossible to survive anywhere in the United States these days without a car.

Today, there are 1.9 cars for each household in the US, or about 200,000,000 cars! In 1970, that's as many cars as there were in the whole world! Clearly, auto sales leads cover a broad range of consumers. In 2004, 16.3 million new vehicles were sold. Targeted auto sales leads can be a great way to get a piece of the market.

There is one a company called Allmedia, that specializes in gathering customized contact lists in order to find the best auto sales leads for your specific offer. They have list research specialists who will work together with your existing marketing team, or can act as your marketing consultants, learning your campaign goals, tailoring a customer profile for you, and compiling a list of leads. Allmedia can be very useful to manufacturers, dealers, and related industries for finding their best prospects when launching a new vehicle, increasing services at a particular dealership, launching a new marketing campaign, selling auto accessories and related items, and selling extended warranties.

Not only does Allmedia help identify your target market, they help locate this market. The company knows which lists of auto sales leads are recent and reliable, and which may pan out the best based on demographic information such as income, age, gender, owners of competitive makes, the year the car was made, make, model, number of cylinders, number of doors, body style (such as coupe, pickup, hatchback, etc.), type of fuel (gas, diesel, etc.), presence of children in household, HOMEowners, HOME value, and more.

Allmedia utilizes advanced technology to map your target market by geographic location. This can range all the way from the dealership level to a nationwide campaign. Simplify your way of finding auto leads [http://lasertargeted.com/leads/auto-sales-training-Myrtle-Beach1st-century.html] by using Allmedia. Because Allmedia divides the compiled list of leads and even allocates overlapping areas at the regional, city, or even the street level, the marketing team can spend less time planning where they are going, and more time planning what they are going to do when they get there.