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Do you have a WordPress site? Perhaps you are confused about what is a post and what is a page. They are very different in that each has a particular use.


Posts are what you write and publish on your blog. Each one has a title and context. You can add links to other sites or products on a post. You can add an image or even a video. All of these extras will help to make your post more interesting.

The object of a post is to frequently add content to your blog. You are developing reader interest. People are coming to your blog site and looking to see if you have a new post because they are interested in what you have to say.

Generally posts show up on your site in the order they were written with the newest addition being at the top. As you add more posts, this can get very long. In "settings" you will find a place to limit the number of posts seen at one time. Too many visible posts makes for a very long scroll to reach the bottom.

An option, then, is to have a place on your blog where your articles can be found by category or date. This is simple to set up and helps your reader to find past postings that may have information they are searching.

You can also easily put a break in your older posts. This will show just the first part of the post. Wherever you decide to put a break, WordPress will automatically add a statement that tells your reader to click on the link to see the rest of the article. The advantage of this is that you can have more posts appear. Since they are shortened, they take up less room and your reader can see more of what is available.


Pages serve a different purpose than posts. Generally pages are used to make information about your blog available to your reader. You can still add the images and videos and other things to a page. However, your reader generally must click on a tab or link in the sidebar or footer to see the page.

Examples of pages would be the About Me page which would give information about you and your purpose in creating this blog. Another would be the Contact Page. This would have a form so that a reader could fill in a question or comment and it would be sent to your e-mail.

Other Pages may be Privacy Policy, Site Map, FTC, and Terms of Use. All of these pages are accessible from a tab at the top of your site, from a listing in your sidebar, or from a link in the footer. This all depends on what theme you are using.

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