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Work Through Differences to Get Good Graphic Designs

Synergy is a beautiful thing. But what happens when it turns ugly? In business, creative projects- like logo and web design- can be a delicate process. By nature, design is a compromise. Art is unapologetic; design is democratic. Good design provides a solution and client interaction is key. The design process must be a conversation. Because of vast differences of opinion on design, conflict is ever present.

Misunderstandings are inevitable when clients and designers don’t speak each other’s language. How do we work through our differences when it comes to design?

Luckily there are professional standards regarding graphic design that can prevent most issues. In order to avoid a conflict, it is essential that all parties approach the project with a sense of respect for each others´ expertise.

1) The contract should outline the approval process, the sign-off requirements, milestones, deadlines, and explain who will provide what. It may be prudent to have it written by an unbiased third party.

2) The client should bring their brand knowledge, vision and direction to the project; but utilize personal taste elsewhere. Be familiar with the designer’s portfolio and pricing before making the decision. Have clear expectations about the final product and make sure those expectations are properly communicated.

3) The designer should bring their intuition, training, and experience to the project; but leave any excessive ego behind. Have an understanding of the brand’s concept and requirements. Adhere to copyrights, making sure there are no legal issues for the client. Communicate concepts clearly to the client.

All in all, everyone should know when to hold ’em; know when to fold ’em. This is just good advice in general.

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