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There are a number of reasons for you to write your own SEO articles. It's a great way to get your website one way links and boost your search engine rankings. This article is about things that you need to avoid in order to write effective SEO articles. These are some of the common mistakes that article writers make when they write articles and shunning them will get you the best possible results.

Do not say you're offering something new unless you are:
It is a sad truth that most article writers on the internet do not have the experience or the know how to offer new ideas to the plate. This means that despite the article "offers" something new it's actually a re-written idea. This can have a negative impact on your credibility and the whole point of the trust building exercise goes to waste.

Do not just sell stuff give something to the reader
The reason for you to writing articles might be to sell stuff but the reader is not so naive, he knows what you are up to so instead of just pushing your product in their faces tell something about it. Give them the pros and cons of the product and the reader might give you serious consideration. Give the reader information and they will be appreciative.

Keyword stuffing is a thing of the past:

This is such a outdated point that making it makes me feel old but there are still writers out there who thinks that stuffing your article with keywords is the way to go. Make sure that your SEO articles have a maximum of 5% of keywords in them. Thankfully most writers know this now and do not make these mistakes but there are still some fools out there.

Do not make promises you can not keep:
Failing to deliver what you promise can also have a massive toll on your popularity with the reader. If you are telling the reader that you will make them a millionaire in a week then deliver the promise (and also tell me about it) but if you can not deliver it do not promise it.

Avoiding the following common mistakes when writing your articles means that you have a good chance to become noticeable in the crowd. A good article will get you better results than 10 poorly written articles.

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