Your Facebook Fan Page – The Top 5 Mistakes To Avoid

It takes a minute to advertise your product. Do you want to be part of social media marketing, why do not you try creating a Facebook fan page? This is one of the most adapted and used by many people around the world. This site has created a lot of advantages and compensation on selling products online.

There are some advices on how to avoid mistakes when creating your Facebook fan page to minimizeize frustration and annoyance.

Here are some suggestions:

Your Page Can not Be Seen Easily
The number of likes on your page is one of the main indications that your page is being appreciated among the Facebook users. This can generate consistent affirmative and assenting feedback as well. To make this possible you must see to it that your page can be easily found. For example, in your website and other accounts you can link your Facebook fan page there. Make your site visible to others.

You Do not Have A Customized Landing Page
If you are missing out a customized landing page, then you are omitting an intense transaction of traffic and likes in a day. This is going to be your default page when visitors will try to visit your page. The like button can also help your page to gain fans and bring them up to date when you have any updates.

You Do not Have An Option Page
Once you have already created the customized landing page and someone has liked your page and received your information, then this is the right time to display an option page. The code can be seen on your auto responder and can paste it onto your page.

You Do not Channel People Back To Your Website
Do not expect that a regular user will regularly visit your page. Others may just come and go. The main plan of having a Facebook fan page is that your social media marketing will be active and always be updated. One way to promote your site is to post some updates, information and promotions that will link to your website. It is the easiest way to get in touch with the potential customers quickly and effectively. Bear in mind that the main plan here is to drive visitors back to your website.

Your Branding On Facebook Is Not Consistent
Consistency on company's branding is very significant across online marketing. Every time you create a Facebook fan page, remember to be consistent with your branding to avoid any confusion. If you do not keep the consistency of your branding then it would be hard on your page to be notice and identify with.