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Binance Academy, the academy arm of Binance, has announced that it is teaming up with Coursera to launch a blockchain education program to spread knowledge about this transformative technology. With more than 124 million registered users across various countries, Coursera is the perfect partner for Binance as they work to provide world-class blockchain education.

Taking blockchain Education Global

blockchain technology is known for its ability to revolutionize various industries and everyday life. Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, has made it its mission to spread the impacts of this technology worldwide. The demand for qualified experts in the cryptocurrency and blockchain business is expected to increase as the use cases increase.

Since it is present in many companies worldwide, Binance is in a particularly good position to empower people with the knowledge to understand and leverage this blockchain technology. According to a blog post by the company, Binance Academy has now made an agreement with Coursera to create certified Web3 educational programs. 

“Education is the cornerstone of progress and innovation. This belief has long guided us at Binance Academy as we strive to make the revolutionary world of blockchain technology accessible to everyone,” said Yi He, Binance co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer. “Together, we’re combining the strengths of two industry leaders with a shared vision – to provide best-in-class education that will drive adoption and build the foundations for Web3,” she continued. 

Details Of The Programs

There are currently many blockchain-based courses hosted on Coursera. The collaboration with Binance will lead to many detailed programs taught by Binance experts and tailored for various expertise levels. The program will feature video lectures, reading materials, interactive exercises, and hands-on blockchain projects to give users a practical understanding of how blockchain works and its potential impact.

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Upon successful completion of the course, participants will receive a digital certificate of completion to demonstrate their newly acquired blockchain skills.

Binance In Africa

Apart from Antarctica, Africa is the least-developed continent. Binance is one of the biggest advocates of blockchain technology on the continent. blockchain technology could provide banking services for places where they otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity. According to the company, Binance Academy is keen on this and has provided free crypto classes to over 400,000 Africans. 

Binance Academy is a leading blockchain and cryptocurrency education platform with more than 1,000 articles on blockchain and cryptocurrencies. This partnership aims to spread blockchain education to the current workforce on a massive scale and shape the leaders of tomorrow’s decentralized future.

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